European Week for Waste Reduction

ACCOBAMS, the RAMOGE Agreement and the Pelagos Agreement propose an awareness-raising video as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction.

Indeed, the issue of marine litter is a common concern of the 3 Agreements. The understanding of their impacts on biodiversity (in particular on cetaceans) as well as the implementation of appropriate management measures are high priority issues for the States Parties to ACCOBAMS, the RAMOGE Agreement and the Pelagos Agreement.


The SoED 2020 : State of Environment and Development in Mediterranean

The SoED 2020 version consists of eight thematic chapters and is complemented by two summary papers: Summary for Decision Makers and Key Messages.

Topics covered include:

  • socio-economic drivers and trends;
  • climate change;
  • biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • economic activities and related pressures;
  • coastal dynamics and related impacts;
  • food and water security;
  • health and environment; and
  • governance.

Check their webpage in order to find the publications to download such as the full report, the video message, key messages, summary for decision makers and more…

MAVA Depredation Phase2 / First exchange workshop (online), 16-18 November 2020

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As part of the MAVA Depredation2 project coordinated by the ACCOBAMS Secretariat, the GFCM Secretariat, SPA/RAC and the LIFE platform, a workshop aimed at promoting exchanges of information and lessons learnt between the national teams involved in the project, and also with other experts/organizations working on depredation assessment/mitigation, is organized online on 16-18 November 2020.

You can look/download at the provisional agenda of this workshop.

In case you are interested to participate, please contact the Permanent Secretariat to register and receive the links to connect to the workshop.