ASI Results for the Mediterranean and Black Seas

The ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (ASI) led in 2018 and 2019 to the first marine megafauna monitoring campaigns ever carried out at the scale of the Mediterranean Sea and of the Black Sea.  After two years of intensive in-depth analysis of collected data, the reports of the results are now available for dissemination, for the best and widest possible use at the service of the conservation of the marine environment.



Mediterranean report:

Estimates of abundance and distribution of cetaceans, marine mega fauna and marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea from 2018 2019 surveys

Black Sea report:

Estimates of abundance and distribution of cetaceans in the Black Sea from 2019 surveys


Watch the recording of the online event of 22 April 2021!

At the occasion of the release of the reports, the ACCOBAMS Secretariat organized on 22 April an online event to present the main findings of the ASI in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.