Sphyrna Odyssey Mission

Between September and December 2019, ocean-going naval drones the Sphyrna 55 (17 metres) and the Sphyrna 70 (21 metres) will be used for the first time for a new scientific mission in the Mediterranean called Sphyrna Odyssey 1 to study cetaceans and collect a wide range of data. Continue reading

Extended Deadline: Call for technical assistance consultancy services

NEW Extended Deadline: Sunday 15th September

The ACCOBAMS and GFCM Secretariats received a financial support from the MAVA Foundation to implement the project “Towards solutions to interactions between fisheries and cetaceans in Moroccan and Tunisian waters” (hereinafter referred to as the “MAVA Depredation project”) which aims at achieving the strategic objective to reduce interactions between cetaceans and fisheries.

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