Pelagos Agreement – Calls for consultancy

The Pelagos Agreement is pleased to publish 4 Calls for consultancy for the implementation of the 2022-2023 Pelagos Work Plan. 

The Permanent Secretariat is looking for:
– a consultant for the implementation of the activities on international cooperation,
– a consultant for the implementation of the Pelagos Partnership Charter,
– a consultant for the implementation of the communication activities of the Pelagos Agreement,
– two consultants for the support to the technical and administrative activities of the Permanent Secretariat,

The calls are available ont the Pelagos Agreement website.


ACCOBAMS is at IMPAC5 (3-9 February 2023, Canada) highlighting how ACCOBAMS has been dealing with ship strikes over the last few years in the Mediterranean Sea, and how the PSSA proposed by 4 ACCOBAMS Parties is seen as a mitigation solution in the Mediterranean.


PREMIERE: Protecting What’s Precious


Monday January 23rd, 17:00 pm EET (GMT+2)

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Protecting What’s Precious is a short documentary telling the story of Ezgi Saydam, a MedBycatch observer in Türkiye, and the vital research work she is undertaking to monitor and reduce bycatch in the Mediterranean.

Created in the context of the MedBycatch Project by WaterBear

Funded by MAVA Foundation