Fifth Meeting of ACCOBAMS National Representatives

The Fifth Meeting of ACCOBAMS National Representatives that will be held online from the 12th to 15th July 2021.

The objective of this meeting is to assist in the preparation of the work program for the coming triennium, by identifying priorities of each sub-region, according to national priorities, and thus to improve the current conservation status of cetaceans and of their habitats in the Agreement area.

Instructions for the Online Meeting on the ZOOM PlatformInstructions pour la réunion en ligne sur la plateforme ZOOM

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Meeting Documents

Working DocumentsEnglishFrench
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc01Provisional agenda / Ordre du jour provisoirePDF download AccobamsPDF download Accobams
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc02Provisional timetable / Emploi du temps provisoirePDF download AccobamsPDF download Accobams
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc03Provisional annotated agenda / Ordre du jour provisoire annotéPDF download AccobamsPDF download Accobams
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc04Progress report on the activities of the Permanent Secretariat and the Scientific CommitteePDF download AccobamsN/A
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc05Diagnostic report, an overview of current communication activity of ACCOBAMSPDF download AccobamsN/A
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc06Progress report on the implementation of the NETCCOBAMS platformPDF download AccobamsN/A
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc07Draft long term monitoring programme for estimating trends in abundance and distribution of cetaceansPDF download AccobamsN/A
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Doc08Report of the Fifth Meeting of the ACCOBAMS National Representatives (to be issued after the Meeting) 
Information Documents
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Inf01List of documents / Liste des documentsPDF download Accobams
ACCOBAMS-RW05/2021/Inf02List of participants / Liste des ParticipantsPDF download Accobams
ACCOBAMS-CSMC5/2021/Doc04Report of the Fifth Conference on Cetacean Conservation in South Mediterranean CountriesN/APDF download Accobams 
ACCOBAMS-SC13/2020/Doc19 Report of the Thirteenth Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Scientific CommitteePDF download Accobams
Reference documentsEnglishFrench
ACCOBAMS-MOP7/2019/Doc38Report of the Seventh Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMSPDF download AccobamsPDF download Accobams
 Text of the ACCOBAMS AgreementPDF download AccobamsPDF download Accobams


PowerPoint Presentations of July 12th, 2021


PDF download AccobamsReport of the Mediterranean Sea Sub-Regional Coordination Unit_SPA/RAC
PDF download AccobamsReport of the Black Sea Sub-Regional Coordination Unit_BSC
PDF download AccobamsDiagnostic Report_ACCOBAMS Communication Strategy – FCB Lisbon
PDF download Accobams NETCCOBAMS Presentation_A.MAglio
PDF download AccobamsASI Intermediary Review report_J.Belmont
PDF download AccobamsASI Intermediate Evaluation Report_H.Lethier
PDF download AccobamsDraft ACCOBAMS long term monitoring programme for estimating trends in abundance and distribution of cetaceans_C.Rais
PDF download AccobamsTowards the financial sustainability_H.Lethier