8th Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS Concluded

  • Dates

    29 November - 2 December 2022

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    MOP - Institutional Meeting

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    Check out the ideas behind the conception of the ACCOBAMS MOP8 logo

    Video courtesy by: M. Matthew Grima Connell, Team Manger Thematic – Biodiversity & Water Unit, Environment and Resources Authority


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    Invitations to Side Events during ACCOBAMS MOP8

    Tuesday 29th November 2022

    12h30 to 13h30

    Assessing and mitigating dolphin depredation in Mediterranean fisheries

    Interactions between bottlenose dolphins and trammel net fisheries in Malta

    Wednesday 30th November 2022

    12h30 to 13h30

    NETCCOBAMS, a management collaborative tool

    Thursday 1st December 2022

    12h45 to 13h30

    Avoidance of ship strikes to protect sperm whales in the Hellenic Trench