ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative Data Terms and Conditions of Use

1. In pursuance of the objectives of the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area (hereinafter referred to as “ACCOBAMS”), the following conditions apply:



2. Datasets related to the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (hereinafter referred to as “ASI data”) may be used for any scientific and biodiversity conservation purposes, unchanged and in whole, provided that:

a. ACCOBAMS is identified as the source; the way for citing the source is the following: – ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative, 2018

b. No mention is made that the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat endorsed in any way the purpose of using the ASI data of concern

c. ASI data are not redistributed to a third party, in part or in whole. Where distribution is deemed necessary to third parties, such third parties should be referred to or to the webpage where ASI data will be downlodable.

d. The following disclaimer shall be added to any map produced using ASI data:

e. The user shall be committed to apply any other specific condition, related to the requested dataset(s) or portions of ASI data, as communicated by the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat to the user.

“Taking also into account Art. I, para. 1, sub-paras. b and c, of the ACCOBAMS, the designations employed and the presentation of the data in this map do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat concerning the legal status of any State, territory, city or area, or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of their frontiers or boundaries, including maritime boundaries. Any opinion or interpretation expressed with reference to this map is that of the author(s) and does not necessarily represent the view of the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat”.



3. By using ASI data provided by the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat, the user recognizes and agrees on the following:

a. ASI data made available by the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat have been compiled and presented with the utmost care. However, these may be incomplete and/or incorrect to some extent.

b. The available ASI data may be revised and changed and withdrawn partially or entirely without notice.

c. ASI data have been generated solely for ACCOBAMS’s own purposes and consequently may be less or not fit for use for other purposes.

d. The ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, ensuing in whatsoever way from (but not limited to) the use of ASI data and the use of the ACCOBAMS website.