ACCOBAMS Sub-Regional Coordination Units

The functions of the Sub‐Regional Coordination Units are:

a) to facilitate implementation in the respective sub‐regions of the activities provided for in Annex 2 to this Agreement, in accordance with instructions of the Meeting of the Parties;
b) to collect and evaluate information that will further the objectives and implementation of the Agreement and provide for appropriate dissemination of such information; and
c) to service meetings of the Scientific Committee and to prepare a report for communication to the Meeting of the Parties through the Agreement Secretariat.


Each coordination unit, in consultation with the Scientific Committee and the Secretariat, should facilitate the preparation of a series of international reviews or publications, to be updated regularly, including:

a) reports on the status and trends of populations, as well as gaps in scientific knowledge;
b) a sub‐regional directory of important areas for cetaceans; and
c) a sub‐regional directory of national authorities, research and rescue centres, scientists and non‐governmental organizations concerned with cetaceans.


For this purpose, during the First Meeting of the Parties, the UNEP MAP Specially Protected Areas Regional Activity Centre  (SPA/RAC) and the Black Sea Commission were designated respectively for the Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic area and for the Black Sea.

UNEP-MAP SPA/RACBlack Sea Commission