ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee provides scientific advice and information to the Meeting of the Parties or to the Parties through the ACCOBAMS Secretariat.

The Scientific Committee:

a) provides advice to the Meeting of the Parties on scientific and technical matters having a bearing on the implementation of the Agreement, and to individual Parties between sessions, as appropriate, through the Co‐ordination unit of the sub‐region concerned;
b) advises on the guidelines as provided for in Article IV, paragraph 3, assess the reviews prepared in accordance with Annex 2 to this Agreement and formulate recommendations to the Meeting of the Parties relating to their development, contents and implementation;
c) conducts scientific assessments of the conservation status of cetacean populations;
d) advises on the development and co‐ordination of international research and monitoring programmes, and make recommendations to the Meeting of the Parties concerning further research to be carried out;
e) facilitates the exchange of scientific information and of conservation techniques;
f) prepares for each session of the Meeting of the Parties a report of its activities which shall be submitted to the Agreement Secretariat not less than one hundred and twenty days before the session of the Meeting of the Parties and circulated forthwith by the Agreement Secretariat to all Parties;
g) renders timely advice on the exceptions of which it has been informed pursuant to Article II, paragraph 2; and
h) carries out, as may be necessary, other tasks referred to it by the Meeting of the Parties.

The Scientific Committee meets at least twice between two Meetings of the Parties.


Link to ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee Reports


Composition of the 2023-2025 ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee

Members nominated by Organisations (according to Article 2 of Annex of Resolution 8.3)
CIESM nominated Members Loriane MENDEZ
Ayaka Amaha OZTÜRK
IUCN nominated Members Rimel BENMESSAOUD
Maria Cristina FOSSI
CMS nominated MemberMark SIMMONDS
IWC nominated MemberGreg DONOVAN
Regional Representatives (according to Article 2 of Annex of Resolution 8.3)
Western region & contiguous Atlantic areaSouad LAMOUTI
Giancarlo LAURIANO
Mohamed Naoufal TAMSOURI
Central regionCaterina FORTUNA
Eastern regionAnastasia KOMNENOU
Black Sea regionPavel GOL’DIN
Dimitar POPOV
Arda Mehmet TONAY