2023 Monaco Ocean Week with Kids!

“Generation 5” Marine Educational Area
As part of Monaco Ocean Week 2023, new workshops were offered to the pupils of the 7th grade class of the Saint-Charles School, in charge of the MEA this year.

The morning’s programme included:
– a strategy game where challenges must be taken up and solutions found in order to achieve a sustainable and eco-responsible management of the marine environment, the message being: live in harmony (CETAMER – game led by the ACCOBAMS Agreement);
– a card game designed to raise awareness of environmental conservation and cetacean protection by focusing on maritime traffic (Whale Risk – game run by the Pelagos Agreement);
– a workshop on marine sounds in order to understand what is at stake for cetaceans (game led by the AMPN).

At the same time, the Saint-Charles School was very involved in the Monaco Ocean Week 2023 and set up, during the whole week and for all the classes, workshops related to the marine world and cetaceans. This federative approach allowed the involvement of all the children and also valued the pupils in charge of the MOW, playing the role of ambassadors of environmental protection within the other classes.