The Meeting of the Parties (MOP) elects a Bureau consisting of one Chairperson and four Vice‐Chairpersons of the MOP.

The Bureau:

a) provides general policy guidance and operational and financial direction to the Agreement Secretariat and the subregional Co-ordination Units concerning the implementation and promotion of the Agreement;
b) carries out, between sessions of the Meeting of the Parties, such interim activities on its behalf as may be necessary or assigned to it by the Meeting of the Parties; and
c) represents the Parties vis-à-vis the Government of the Host Country of the Agreement Secretariat and the Meeting of the Parties, the Depositary and other international Organizations on matters relating to the Agreement and its Secretariat.


The Bureau meets at least twice between two Meetings of the Parties. One of these meetings shall be held six months before each Meeting of Parties, and will act as a preparatory Meeting for the Meeting of Parties.

The Chairperson of the Scientific Committee is invited to participate as an observer in the meetings of the Bureau.


The Eighth Meeting of the Parties approved the composition of the Bureau as follows for the 2023-2025 triennium:

ChairpersonMrs. Marie Thérèse GAMBIN (Malta)
Vice-ChairpersonMrs. Yana VELINA (Bulgaria)
Vice-ChairpersonMr. Milad FAKHRI (Lebanon)

Vice-ChairpersonMrs. Milena BATAKOVIC (Montenegro)
Vice-ChairpersonMrs. Marina SEQUEIRA (Portugal)


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