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41. Train the Trainers
(Accobams pages/Capacity building)
... Donagh.  Three 12-14 day research expeditions were run with a crew composed of international cetacean experts and groups of 8 local researchers. The “Train the trainers” program, 2011 edition, ...
42. Dolphin Day in Croatia
(News/Accobams Archives)
2006/08/03 On the 5th and 6th of August 2006 the 14th Dolphin Day organised by the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation, Partner of ACCOBAMS, was held in the harbour of Veli Losinj. ...
2006/10/12 In the frame of ACCOBAMS Tenth Anniversary, a series of activities are being brought forward by Romania. ACCOBAMS Focal Point in Romania with the National Institute of Marine Research and Development ...
... Building, Research and Management and advocates an ecosystem-based management approach to preserve the integrity and diversity of marine ecosystems.    ...
... the President of the Tethys Research Institute in Italy, and a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation. Giovanni has been studying coastal dolphins in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea for two decades. What began ...
2008/06/02 High concern was expressed by research and whale watching NGOs based in the Strait of Gibraltar about recent naval activities which occurred in the middle of the Natural Park of the Strait ...
... pathology, management and conservation issues relating to marine mammals, as well as research techniques such as habitat modelling. Teachers are selected among the best-known leading experts in their ...
... with the expert advice and the logistic support of ACCOBAMS Partner ICRAM, the Italian Central Institute for Marine Research. This activity will be performed in the frame of the project "Bycatch Program ...
... that, in order to obtain this label, operators should: 1) Adopt a code of good conduct 2) Diffuse a message on board 3) Contribute to the research 4) Follow training courses A monitoring system would ...
...  The Conference was divided in various thematic sections, in which latest research on cetaceans and pinnipeds was presented with direct or indirect conservation and management implications.  In ...
51. Tethys Research Institute
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52. Sea Mammal Research Unit
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53. Sarasota Dolphin Research Program
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54. Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute
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55. Marine Mammal Research Program
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57. Dolphins of Monkey Mia Research Foundation
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58. Dolphin Research Institute, Australia
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59. Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation
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60. Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit
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