PostHeaderIcon ACCOBAMS/PELAGOS joint Meeting : towards a label for whale watching activities

In the frame of their collaboration, the Secretariats of ACCOBAMS and PELAGOSorganized a meeting on whale watching activities. It was held on 23rd April at the Auditorium Rainier III in Monaco and operators from France, Italy and Monaco participated.
Its purpose was to define the criteria for a quality label to be released to whale watching companies. During the meeting, it was agreed that, in order to obtain this label, operators should:
1) Adopt a code of good conduct
2) Diffuse a message on board
3) Contribute to the research
4) Follow training courses

A monitoring system would contribute to the respect of the above criteria by the operators.
The results of this meeting will be submitted to ACCOBAMS and Pelagos Parties for adoption.

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