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Third Biennial Conference on Cetacean Conservation in South Mediterranean Countries
Jounieh (Lebanon), 21 - 23 october 2014


The objective of the Biennial Conference on Cetacean Conservation in South Mediterranean Countries (CSMC) is to assess the available knowledge on cetaceans in the South of the Mediterranean, to identify gaps and stimulate the development of conservation actions in order to promote the implementation of the ACCOBAMS Agreement. The Conference provides an opportunity to the cetacean specialists, active in the South of the Mediterranean, to exchange their experience and their data and to discuss the best approaches and priority actions for a better knowledge of cetacean populations in this region where data still remain sporadic and scarce. This Conference also aims at involving the student community and at rising awareness of managers and stakeholders on marine issues.
The CSMC3 has been organized in Jounieh (Lebanon) from 21 to 23 October 2014, in collaboration with the National Centre for Marine Sciences of CNRS (Lebanon), the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA -MAP-UNEP) and the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation. CSMC3 was financially supported by a voluntary contribution from the Principality of Monaco.
More than 40 participants from 10 Mediterranean Countries (Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Monaco, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria) and from 5 International Organisations (ACCOBAMS, GFCM, IUCN, MedPAN, RAC/SPA) attended the Conference.
The scientific papers presented during the Conference showed a significant progress in the scientific knowledge regarding cetaceans in the Southern Mediterranean countries. They also showed that scientific teams were in place, working on issues of interest for cetacean conservation.
The Conclusions and Recommendations that emerged from the discussions and from the round table will be useful to:
• Identify priorities in research programs in the Southern Mediterranean countries;
• Give guidance to scientists in the region, and to national authorities, for their activities related to the implementation of ACCOBAMS.
The 20 Recommendations developed aim at:
  • improving the communication and the public awareness,
  • strengthening the research and monitoring activities in South Mediterranean Countries,
  • reinforcing the management of areas of interest for cetaceans.


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