PostHeaderIcon Cetacean necropsy training in Cyprus

Cetacean strandings create an important opportunity for the gathering of much needed knowledge on natural and human-induced mortality of cetacean populations, and provide an available source for precious additional information, among other things, on the biology, pathology, toxicology and population genetics of the concerned species.
The training on cetacean necropsies aims at reinforcing capacity building in order to allow a better use of the Guidelines regarding the best practices and procedures for dealing with mass mortality events due to chemical pollution, noise and pathogenic agents.

After the first two trainings organised respectively in Bulgaria and Morocco, the third one is taking place in Nicosia, Cyprus (17-21 June 2013).

The training started by two days of theoritical sessions in the the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research of Nicosia, with an overview of the identification of species, the anatomy and physiology of cetaceans, the creation and management of a stranding network and the role and implication of the veterinarian within the stranding network.
The three following days were dedicated to the necropsy of female Tursiops truncatus, in the veterinary service premises, which have been found stranded on the coast.

The report of the training will be available on the website towards the end of July.
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