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Main awareness raising activities carried out during the 2005-2007 triennium

Production of a new web site that is a combination of scientific and institutional data, addressed both to the scientific community and to the general public. The design of the website mirrors the identity of the Agreement and its commitment to the preservation of dolphins and whales.

New version of a database of individuals, research groups, projects and whale-watching activities that makes part of the official web site.

Legal procedures for the treatment of the personal details

Production of a new leaflet (English and French versions) that recalls the design of the web site and contributes to define the Agreement image

Production of an institutional banner

Production and distribution of 10.000 board games aimed to children from 8 to 12, teaching them about ACCOBAMS, about cetaceans and the threats they face. The game, sponsored by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, was created in six languages (Arabic, French, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish) with the purpose of gathering ideally all the children of different Countries, ages and cultures on the shore of a common Sea, mingling the enjoyment of a playful activity with an introduction in the issue of marine biodiversity

Production of an “ACCOBAMS kit conference” (English and French versions) that includes 2 power point presentations and a video on cetaceans and will be distributed to all ACCOBAMS Parties

Production of an ACCOBAMS institutional video (English and French versions) that will contribute to raise awareness on cetaceans conservation and to enhance the Agreement knowledge.

Setting-up of a media mailing and development of press office activities including dissemination of press releases and production of press reviews.

Collaboration with a group of people willing to set up an Association aimed to support the Agreement’s work, by financing scientific projects and raising awareness on cetaceans’ protection

MAREVIVO: The Secretariat of ACCOBAMS collaborated with MAREVIVO in launching Dolphin Free label whose objective is to encourage the general public consuming sea products issued from fisheries that apply method for mitigating dolphin bycatch


Main capacity building activities carried out during the 2005-2007 triennium

National training on the monitoring of cetaceans Strandings (Morocco and Monaco)

Strengthening of the Regional Network for the monitoring of Cetacean Strandings in the Black Sea, including training activities

Assistance to IFAW in establishing contacts with the national authorities in Mediterranean Countries in order to carry out surveys in the Mediterranean area

Finalization of the Educational kit thanks to the financial support from UNEP, CMS, RAC/SPA and the Black Sea Commission

Elaboration of a Kit Conference aimed to the recognition of the main species in the area.

Training of Coast Guards of the Principality of Monaco on cetacean identification

Collaboration with Legambiente (Italy) in the project “Cetacei dei mari nostril” aimed at public awareness on the protection of the marine environment and cetaceans.

Training on cetacean conservation in several localities in Italy, including surveys at sea, organized thanks to the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Environment and the scientific support of then NGO Menkab.

Assistance to Countries in elaborating their National Action Plan for the Conservation of cetaceans (Tunisia and Albania)

Assistance to Montenegro in developing the national legislation for the conservation of cetaceans as part of the national legal framework for biodiversity

ACCOBAMS training course on cetacean research methods and conservation strategies In collaboration with Tethys Institute for Lebanese and Libyan scientists.

In order to avoid overlapping and duplication, the Secretariat agreed with RAC/SPA to integrate the Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) on cetacean in the regional CHM on marine and coastal biodiversity being set up by RAC/SPA. As first step, the regional CHM has a section on cetaceans, which will evolve to include further detailed information on cetaceans (conservation programmes, legislation, experts, etc.). To this end, the Secretariat will collaborate with RAC/SPA in 2008 establish a jointly-agreed methodology for inserting cetacean related information in the CHM and for its updating.



ACCOBAMS 10th Anniversary Celebration through a series of events

Participation to the Cetaceans Regatta aiming to combine the passion for the sea with the protection of cetaceans

The Permanent Secretariat organized different activities:

A Seminar on Cetaceans recognition: Workshop intended for those working in marine environments (Maritime Police, Local Administrations, divers etc.), focusing on the recognition and the knowledge of Mediterranean Cetaceans. This workshop took place among a series of ACCOBAMS activities aiming to increase competence in the marine environment and providing the basic tools for the recognition of the species. Chairman of the workshop was Mr. Alexandre Gannier from GREC (Groupe de Recherche sur les Cétacés, a group of cetaceans' experts), which is partner to ACCOBAMS.
Other activities took place during the meeting: an audio-visual presentation on cetaceans, threats and conservation measures, a documentary on cetacean recognition which was presented after having tested the participants' knowledge on the subject, and a pedagogical photo-exposition.

Kids, dolphins and whales: let's learn while playing! Cetaceans Regatta involved a group of pupils in collaboration with "Direction de l'Education Nationale de la Jeunesse et des Sports" (Monegasque equivalent of British Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport) in the framework of the "Kids, dolphins and whales: let's learn while playing!" project.
During the workshop children were given some rudiments of cetaceans' lives by GREC and played “ACCOBAMS game”. They could also benefit of a pedagogical photo-exposition and participate to a quiz animated by the Secretariat staff.

On the occasion of the Cetaceans Regatta, the Secretariat also participated to the event in Viareggio (Italy) with an informative stand.

Organization of a conference-cycle intended for the Clubs of the Principality of Monaco (Rotary, Lions, Yacht Club…). Members were welcomed by ACCOBAMS' staff and attended an introduction on the Agreement and its activities by the Executive Secretary; an informative documentary was then presented and commentated by a cetacean researcher. They learnt about the threats that cetaceans face and ACCOBAMS initiatives towards the issue of conservation measures in favour of the species. During the dinners that followed the conferences, participants could test their knowledge on cetaceans playing a quiz developed by ACCOBAMS and win a guided whale-and-dolphin-watching tour.

Participation to "Stelle di mare lungo il fiume" festival. ACCOBAMS Secretariat took part in the festival which was held in Rome on 22-26 June, committed to the conservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea and which was organised by Marevivo (an Italian environmental association). ACCOBAMS 10th anniversary was celebrated on Friday 23rd June, with a round-table on "Political strategies for cetacean conservation in the Mediterranean Sea" - which was attended by the Executive Secretary of the Agreement - and with a series of footages intended to awaken public concerns on the issue of conservation. Throughout the whole event ACCOBAMS Secretariat placed a stand presenting their activities and spreading informative material.

MIMO event: “Operation MIMO”: The 10th ACCOBAMS Anniversary was celebrated in Monaco on 17th September: on this memorable occasion, H.S.H. Prince Albert II dived together with the ACCOBAMS Executive Secretary, a team of professional divers and several Monegasque personalities committed to the protection of Marine Biodiversity to submerge a natural-sized dolphin-shaped statue in Larvotto's protected area. The statue was dedicated to the late memory of Rainer III for the commitment he devoted to the birth of ACCOBAMS, the achievement of its goals and the establishment of the Secretariat in the Principality of Monaco.
Representatives from ACCOBAMS Parties, Ministers from the Agreement Area, ACCOBAMS' Partners, members of ACCOBAMS' Scientific Committee, the Convention on Migratory Species and representatives from Monegasque Institutions attended the event. Afterwards participants were escorted to the "Blue Note" Restaurant where a cocktail dinner was served. Images from the submersion were shown and a bingo event, dance performance and live music enhanced the evening. T-shirts made by AMAPEI in collaboration with ACCOBAMS were sold to finance whale-watching activities for disable children. On this opportunity, the Convention on Migratory Species with ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS officially launched the Year of the Dolphin campaign 2007 who’s Patron is H.S.H. Prince Albert II.

From 21 to 25 November 2006 ACCOBAMS Secretariat installed an informative stand at Fontvieille Shopping Centre in Monaco, aiming to awaken public concern on the issue of cetaceans’ conservation. The event closed the series of happenings held throughout 2006 held to celebrate the Agreement's Tenth Anniversary. Videos on cetaceans, distribution of informative material and animation for children characterised the whole week. The impact of the event was strengthened by the partnership with Carrefour Shopping Centre: Supermarket cashiers had been wearing ACCOBAMS sweatshirts throughout the week, and whale-and-dolphin silhouette-boards were hung in the supermarket's premises, emphasising the importance of everyone's commitment in the issue of biodiversity conservation.



Adhesion to the Year of the Dolphin campaign

The ACCOBAMS Secretariat contributed to this global awareness campaign as a Founding Partner and to contribute to the achievement of the campaign’s goals. In this spirit, the Secretariat provided assistance in the development of the campaign’s strategies and participated to the organization of some events in Monaco aimed to raise public awareness. It also urged Parties on the importance of joining this campaign.

In the frame of the Year of the Dolphin campaign, the Secretariat developed a partnership with the Honorary Consulate of Albania in Monaco and contributed to the organization of the exposition “On the route of dolphins. Sights of sea in Monte Carlo, Genoa and Durres” that introduced paintings and photographs by Claude Gauthier, Lele Luzzati, Flavio Costantini, Artan Shabani and Roland Tasho. Their artworks illustrate universal themes such as the protection of the marine environment. During the exhibition, many side events took place. Among them, a conference organized by ACCOBAMS in collaboration with Sabina Airoldi, marine biologist of Tethys Research Institute, who presented the Agreement and the issues related to cetaceans conservation to large public.

The Secretariat also established partnerships with the XII Games of the Small States of Europe and with Monaco Yacht Show for the distribution of informative material among large public. It also collaborated with an official YoD supporter, the FMAS (Fédération Monégasque pour les Activités subaquatiques) to the organization of an educational activity for children and to the production of posters on species to be used on this occasion.

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