2019 Workshops

ACCOBAMS Workshop on Sonars and Cetaceans Interactionslink
October 2019, Toulon, France

Joint IWC-IUCN-ACCOBAMS workshop to evaluate how the data and process used to identify Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) can assist the IWC to identify areas of high risk for ship strike – link
April 2019, Messinia, Greece

Joint ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS Workshop on harmonization of the best practices for necropsy of cetaceans and for the development of diagnostic framework – link
June 2019, Padua, Italy

Workshop on ingested marine litter monitoring & entanglement evidences – link
July 2019, Chioggia, Italy

ACCOBAMS/NATO Workshop on sonar and cetacean interaction – link
October 2019, Toulon, France

ACCOBAMS drafting Experts’ Workshop on fin whales and Risso’s dolphin Conservation Management Plans – in collaboration with IWC and SPA/RAC – link (not yet available)
December 2019, Barcelona, Spain


2018 Workshops

ACCOBAMS Training Course on Photo-ID and Databases for Experts, in collaboration with SPA/RAC, IUCN Med, MedPAN and Lebanese CNRS – link
October 2018, Byblos, Lebanon

Towards understanding the overlap of selected threats and Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) across the Mediterranean Sea – link
April 2018, La Spezia, Italy

Joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS/ECS/SPA-RAC Workshop on marine debris and cetacean stranding – link
April 2018, La Spezia, Italy


2017 Workshops

Joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Workshop on fostering inter-regional cooperation in underwater noise monitoring and impact assessment in waters around Europe, within the context of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive – link
April 2017, Middelfart, Denmark

Inputs to the ACCOBAMS ongoing effort to map human threats on cetaceans in the Mediterranean and Black Seas – link
April 2017, Middelfart, Denmark