Awarding of the prize to the CSMC5 winner of the poster contest in Monaco

Thanks to financial support from Monaco a contest organised at the occasion of  the 5th Conference on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the South Mediterranean Countries (CSMC5), last April, aimed at selecting the best informative posters in relation to the ACCOBAMS scientific scope of work.

Mrs. Isabelle ROSABRUNETTO, Director General of the Department of External Relations and Cooperation, announced that Mr Wael KOUCHED, a post-doctoral student at the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies in Tunisia, won the first prize with his poster on: “Monitoring of Tursiops truncatus around an aquaculture farm in eastern Tunisia“.

Today, during the 14th meeting of the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee, the ACCOBAMS Executive Secretary, Mrs. Susana Salvador, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Scientific Committee, Mr. Simone Panigada and Mrs. Léa David, respectively, congratulated Mr. Wael Kouched for his work and collaboration.