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21. 2012 Call for Proposals
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... Algeria Beneficiary: Laboratoire « Réseau de Surveillance Environnementale » de l’Université d’Oran This project aims to train young Algerian researchers in cetacean study ...
22. ACCOBAMS Guidelines
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... of Marine Protected Areas for cetaceans Lignes Directrices pour les critères de sélection pour les Aires Marines Protégées pour les cétacés Research Guidelines on the ...
23. FINS 5(1)
(News/ACCOBAMS Newsletter)
... organised in Galway (Ireland)-Mayo Institute of Technology, Saturday 24 March 2012. The EU Habitats Directive is the driver for considerable research and monitoring of cetacean populations within Europe. ...
24. Research Institutes
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
PARTIES RESEARCH INSTITUTES BULGARIA INSTITUTE OF FISH RESOURCES 4, Primorsky, Blvd 9000 Varna, BULGARIA Tel : + 359 52 257 876/Fax : + 359 52 257 876 ...
25. ESOMM Conference
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
... the historical base in downtown Amsterdam. The 4th ESOMM conference follows the tradition of the previous ESOMM conferences in Lerici, Italy, organized by the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC). The ...
26. ACCOBAMS Working Groups
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... Shifting Values,  Sinay, University  of Aarhus,  University of Pavia, UPC,  University of Aberdeen,  Wageningen  University & Research Centre,  WDC ,  Woods ...
27. CSMC2
(Accobams pages/Conferences)
... UNEP/MAP/RAC/PAS, GFCM and IUCN), the National Institute for Halieutic Research (INRH), the REMER and UCD took part to the Conference. Partcipants were scientists, students, PhD candidates and administrators ...
28. Seventh Meeting of the Scientific Committee
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the SC)
... Managers and associated Conservation Actions The 2011-2013 Work Programme includes 23 conservation actions: 17 Research Monitoring and Threats Mitigation actions, 5 Capacity Building actions, ...
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
... propose such a workshop, bringing together specialists in research on pollutants, their current levels throughout marine areas of Europe, long-term trends, and biological effects upon cetaceans at the ...
30. Resolutions adopted by the Meeting of the Parties
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the Parties)
... d'échantillons de tissus  2.11 Facilitation of scientific research campaigns and programs / Facilitation des campagnes et des programmes de recherche scientifique 2.12 ...
31. Anthropogenic noise
(Accobams pages/Activities)
...  Link: Interdisciplinary Center for Bioacoustics and Environmental Research (CIBRA) Publications, scientific literature   Guidelines Guidelines to address the impact of anthropogenic ...
32. Cruise for students
(Accobams pages/Public awareness)
... Barré) and Melvin Bruno (François d'Assise Nicolas Barré) were been received the ACCOBAMS Award by the Prince Albert II and will enjoy one week cruise with Tethys Research Institute in order to better ...
33. Inventorying in Lebanon
(Accobams pages/Research & Monitoring)
The National Council for Scientific Research (Lebanon Marine Research Center) conducts a study on the presence of cetaceans in Lebanon, their identification, their abundance and the areas of their distribution. ...
34. Ship strikes in Mediterranean Sea
(Accobams pages/Research & Monitoring)
The project intitled "Ship strikes between large whales and vessels in the Mediterranean Sea" aims to identify and assess the mitigation and conservation actions. The project was directed by Tethys Research ...
35. Agreement purpose
(Accobams pages/Presentation)
... of non-lethal in situ research aimed at maintaining a favourable conservation status for cetaceans. The Party concerned shall immediately inform the Bureau and the Scientific Committee, through the Agreement ...
36. Introduction
(Accobams pages/Presentation)
... research and continuous monitoring, developing programmes to inform, train and educate the public and setting up emergency response measures. Text of the Agreement Arabic English ...
37. Fourth Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the Parties)
... to address the impact of anthropogenic noise on cetaceans in the ACCOBAMS area; and Guidelines on the granting of exceptions to Article II, paragraph 1, for the purpose of non-lethal in situ research in ...
38. 2005-2007 Activities
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... research groups, projects and whale-watching activities that makes part of the official web site. Legal procedures for the treatment of the personal details Production of a new leaflet (English and ...
39. Waves of Life from Bicref
(News/Accobams Archives)
... of Life was produced in English and Maltese by the NGO, BICREF (The Biological Conservation Research Foundation) in Malta.   This documentary was produced as a tribute to: ACCOBAMS, 2010 target to ...
40. 2008 Workshop on Surveying the ACCOBAMS Area
(Accobams pages/Workshops)
... territorial waters (and water under jurisdiction) for scientific purposes, both for national and foreigner platforms; how to get research permits, including permits for collection and transfer of samples; ...
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