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41. SC7 Meeting Documents
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
SC7 Meeting Documents       Ref. Title   Working Documents Doc01 Draft Agenda Doc02 Provisional Annotated Agenda ...
42. Seventh Meeting of the Scientific Committee
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the SC)
The 7th Meeting of the Scientific Committee was held in Monaco from the 21st to the 31st March, 2011. Four Task Managers were nominated by the Meeting with the supporting experts regarding the ...
43. ACCOBAMS Meeting Dates
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
ACCOBAMS Meeting Dates 2011 Date Title Place 20 March Joint ECS-ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS Workshop on Pollution and Cetaceans Càdiz, Spain 29-31 March Seventh Meeting of the ...
44. ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
During the Fourth Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS that was held in Monaco, 9-12 November 2010, the Italian delegate offered to share the Italian experience and provide data for aerial surveys that were ...
45. Photos MOP4
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
Fourth Meeting of the Parties Photos    ...
46. Joint IWC/ACCOBAMS workshop on ship strikes
(Accobams pages/Workshops)
... conservation recommendations and a two-year work plan for consideration by the IWC, ACCOBAMS, IMO and others. Link to the IWC website ( meeting documents, additional information)  ...
47. MOP4 Documents
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
...      ACCOBAMS-MOP4/2010/Doc03Rev1 Revised Rules of Procedure of the Meeting of the Parties Règlement intérieur révisé de la Réunion des Parties ACCOBAMS-MOP4/2010/Doc04Rev1 ...
48. Resolutions adopted by the Meeting of the Parties
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the Parties)
Res N° Title / Titre EN FR 1.2 Establishment of the Permanent Secretariat for the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic ...
49. Population structure
(Accobams pages/Activities)
The importance of assessing “stock identity and structure” through a dedicated working group was highlighted in Recommendations adopted by the Third Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Parties and reconfirmed ...
50. Anthropogenic noise
(Accobams pages/Activities)
... peer-review articles on the ocean noise issue for DOALOS website.     Following the adoption by the 4th Meeting of the Parties of the Resolution 4.17 on “Guidelines to address the impact of ...
51. ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative
(Accobams pages/Activities)
... them. Finally, we need to monitor the effectiveness of our actions to evaluate our attempts to manage the threats and be prepared to modify them if necessary. During the 7th Meeting of the Scientific ...
52. Whale watching
(Accobams pages/Activities)
... commercial cetacean-watching activities in the ACCOBAMS Area (described in Resolution 1.11, 3.23 and 4.7 adopted by the Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Parties) as well as the guidelines for establishing ...
53. Meetings
55. Meetings of the SC
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