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41. EU Accession
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
EU Accession to the Protocol for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution Resulting from Exploration and Exploitation of the Continental Shelf and the Seabed and its Subsoil   ...
... Mediterranean sperm whale, whose population only numbers a few hundred individuals at best, and which, as a deep diving species, may be strongly affected by the loud noise used in such surveys. Sperm whales ...
43. 2012 ACCOBAMS Regional Workshops
(Accobams pages/Workshops)
... they offer to consult with the Focal Points about the preparation of the working programme for the next triennium and about the ACCOBAMS Strategy. ◊ Western Mediterranean workshop on ACCOBAMS ...
44. ACCOBAMS Conservation Plans
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
  Conservation Plan for short-beaked common dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea (2.13Mb)   Conservation Plan for Black Sea cetaceans (834.62 Kb) Conservation Plan ...
45. ACCOBAMS Guidelines
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... naturel Interactions Guidelines for technical measures to minimise cetacean-fishery conflicts in the Mediterranean and Black Seas Lignes Directrices pour des mesures techniques ...
46. FINS 5(1)
(News/ACCOBAMS Newsletter)
... from considering Pelagos a “real” MPA. Italy’s declaration of an EPZ is the latest in the process whereby the Mediterranean coastal states are progressively extending their jurisdiction into the High Seas, ...
... whales should not be exposed to a Sound Pressure Level greater than 140 dB re 1 μPa @ 1m in Mediterranean waters deeper than 600 m. At the Third and Fourth ACCOBAMS MoPs in 2007 (Resolution 3.10) and ...
48. Presentations CSMC2
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
Sacchi J.: Introductory talk: Interactions between cetaceans and human activities Zahri Y.: Interactions between cetaceans and fisheries activities in the Moroccan Mediterranean Najih ...
49. Photo-identification in the Black Sea
(Accobams pages/Capacity building)
... and then analysed in the aggregate for the entire Black Sea and adjacent waters including the Turkish Straits System and northern Aegean Sea of the Mediterranean. This analysis along with results of genetic ...
50. SC7 Meeting Documents
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
...  Survey Initiative in the ACCOBAMS area: a proposal to revise the project Doc09 Steering Committee for the Mediterranean short-beaked common  dolphin Doc10 Conservation ...
51. CSMC2
(Accobams pages/Conferences)
SECOND BIENNIAL CONFERENCE ON CETACEAN CONSERVATION IN SOUTH MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES (CSMC2)   12-14 October 2011, El Jadida, Morocco The Second Biennial Conference on Cetacean ...
52. Seventh Meeting of the Scientific Committee
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the SC)
...  RMTM 3 - Species Conservation Plans: Mediterranean short-beaked common dolphin RMTM 4 - Species Conservation Plans: Black Sea cetaceans RMTM 5 - Species Conservation Plans: Mediterranean bottlenose ...
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