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21. Training on cetacean necropsies
(Accobams pages/Capacity building)
In the frame of the implementation of the “Work Programme 2011-2013” (Resolution 4.5) adopted by the last Meeting of the Contracting Parties (Monaco 2010), the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat has planned ...
22. Movie on Pelagos Sanctuary
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
... as the threats they face and the development of activities surrounding their presence in this particular area. The film has been showed first at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco on February 11, 2013 ...
Starting from January 4, 2013, local and central Italian Authorities have been recording an unusual frequency of stranding of striped dolphin specimens (Stenella coeruleoalba) along the Italian coast of ...
24. ACCOBAMS Strategy
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
... below. The Form can be downloaded and once completed it should be sent back to the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat (strategy@accobams.net) before February 25th, 2013. The draft ACCOBAMS Strategy,which ...
25. Training for cetacean necropsies
(News/ACCOBAMS News)
In the frame of the implementation of the “Work Programme 2011-2013” (Resolution 4.5) adopted by the last Meeting of the Contracting Parties (Monaco 2010), the Permanent Secretariat, the Bulgarian Focal ...
26. FINS 5(1)
(News/ACCOBAMS Newsletter)
... which will be submitted to the EU once Croatia will formally accede to the Union in July 2013. Unfortunately the Lošinj Reserve still lacks management, given that the responsible institution lacks the ...
27. SC7 Meeting Documents
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS) for the period 2011 / 2013 ACCOBAMS-MOP4/2010/Doc18 Evaluation of the Scientific Committee of ACCOBAMS ACCOBAMS-MOP4/2010/Inf42 ...
28. Seventh Meeting of the Scientific Committee
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the SC)
... various conservation action items to be developed during the triennium.  The Scientific Committee worked on the working programme (2011-2013). SC7 Final Meeting Report Task ...
29. MOP4 Documents
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... Fund Management Controller Rapport de l’Agent Comptable Restricted distribution Distribution restreinte ACCOBAMS-MOP4/2010/Doc17 Explanatory note on the draft budget 2011-2013 Note ...
30. Resolutions adopted by the Meeting of the Parties
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the Parties)
... Strategy (period 2013-2023) / La Stratégie de l'ACCOBAMS (période 2013-2023) A/4.1 Amendments: Extension of the ACCOBAMS geographical scope / Amendements: Extension de la zone géographique ...
31. Population structure
(Accobams pages/Activities)
... adopted a new Resolution on "Population structure studies". For the upcoming triennum (2011-2013), the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee will aim at: providing a comprehensive and detailed summary of ...
32. Ship strikes
(Accobams pages/Activities)
...    News: collision between Corsica and Monaco (22/08/2013) Joint ACCOBAMS/Pelagos Workshops on Fin Whales and Collisions (Monaco, 12-15 November 2005)    Link: IWC's standardized ...
33. Fourth Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS
(Accobams pages/Meetings of the Parties)
... triennium (2011-2013). The Meeting also elected the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Scientific Committee being respectively M. Alexei Birkun and M. Vincent Ridoux. The Contracting Parties acknowledged ...
34. Partners
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... for Taxonomy Prof. Mohamed Elyes Kchouk Centre de Biotechnologie de Borj Cedria B.P. 901 Hammam-Lif, TUNISIE  mohamedelyes@gmail.com ACCOBAMS Partner since 2013  ...
35. Rules of Procedure of the Scientific Committee
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
RULES OF PROCEDURE OF THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE OF ACCOBAMS as adopted by the Fifth Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS in Resolution 5.3 (November 2013) Download English version in Pdf  ...
36. Rules of procedure of the Bureau
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR THE BUREAU OF THE PARTIES TO ACCOBAMS as adopted by the Fifth Meeting of the Parties in Resolution 5.7 (November 2013) Download English version in Pdf Download French ...
37. University of Milano, Italy
(Accobams pages/Accobams pages)
... Istituto di Zoologia e Citologia Via Celoria 26, 20133 Milano, Italy E-mail: disciara@tin.it  ...
38. National Reports
(Uncategorised Content)
National Reports submitted for the Meetings of the Parties to ACCOBAMS Parties MOP4 (Monaco, 2010) MOP5 (Tangier, 2013) Albania Algeria Bulgaria ...
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