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ACCOBAMS will be represented at the 4th International Conference on the Effects of Sound in the Ocean on Marine Mammals (ESOMM) that will be organized by TNO and hosted by the Royal Netherlands Navy, at the historical base in downtown Amsterdam.

The 4th ESOMM conference follows the tradition of the previous ESOMM conferences in Lerici, Italy, organized by the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC).

The objective of the Conference is to aim for a discussion during the conference involving both science and policy aspects related to among others quantifying, qualifying and mitigating the effects of sound in the ocean on Marine Mammals, with a clear focus on the use of naval sonar. Nevertheless, it is our aim to address other sound sources as well.

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ACCOBAMS and IFAW in association with the General Direction for the Forests (Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture), the A.N.D.D.C.V.S., and the supermaket CARREFOUR have dedicated a journey for tunisian kids in order to raise awareness towards the protection and the conservation of cetaceans. This operation was a great success!

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ACCOBAMS Meeting Dates 2011

Date Title Place
20 March Joint ECS-ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS Workshop on Pollution and Cetaceans Càdiz, Spain
29-31 March Seventh Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee Monaco
12-14 October Second Biennal Conference on Cetacean Conservation in the South Mediterranean Countries El Jedida, Morocco
13-14 December
Seventh Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Bureau Monaco
International Organisation Meeting Dates for 2011: icone_pdf

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In all its 24-year history, the ECS has never held a workshop devoted to pollution and its effects upon marine mammals. During the ECS 25th Conference, they therefore propose such a workshop, bringing together specialists in research on pollutants, their current levels throughout marine areas of Europe, long-term trends, and biological effects upon cetaceans at the individual and population level. The workshop has the support of the two international conservation agreements – ASCOBANS and ACCOBAMS.

Workshop date: Sunday 20th March 2011, 08:00-16:30

For more information: http://www.circe.biz/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=222&Itemid=237&lang=es#5

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PostHeaderIcon ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative

During the Fourth Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS that was held in Monaco, 9-12 November 2010, the Italian delegate offered to share the Italian experience and provide data for aerial surveys that were conducted in the seas around Italy.

He also added that Italy had decided to make a voluntary €100,000 contribution to ACCOBAMS to support the use of aerial surveys within the Survey Initiative.
Italian presentation

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