PostHeaderIcon Patrimony's Day : Larvotto's Beach


This year, the Patrimony's Day is organised by the ACCOBAMS Secretariat, the Music Academy and The FMAS. Each institution will provided its expertise for a particular event.
It was held on 30 september at the Larvotto's Beach.
The public but also the participants will be at first the children even if the last esperience showed us that adults are interessed as well.
The day is planned in four diving-sessions : 10:00 ; 11:30 ; 13:00 and 14:30.  The childrens will be supervised by the FMAS team (Paolo MEARDI, Maryline FERAUD and Stéphane BOURREAU). Equiped for diving, childrens will attend an activitie on dolphins and their protection conduct by Stéphane BOURREAU. 
After the activitie, snorkeling for a submarine photographic exposition representing differents species of dolphins and fishes of the mediterranean sea. The snorkeling-walk will be executed in a subaquatic sound environment (Michel CROSSET, Manager of the Music Academy of Monaco).
At the end of the event, the ACCOBAMS Secretariat , Jean-Marc GOIRAN and Michel CROSSET (FMAS) will distribute educational play equipment to participants (leaflets and antistress dolphin).


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