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Project coordinator / institution in charge:
Pascal MAYOL / Souffleurs d'Ecume

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Project description:
REPCET is a network of large cetacean position report between regular commercial ships to limit collision risks. The concept is straightforward and is based on the following elements: the on watch crew, trained for the detection and recognition of large cetaceans at the National Merchant Marine School, transmit to a server the position of large cetaceans when they are detected, through the internet network available offshore by satellite or INMARSAT. The transmitted positions are automatically and instantly mapped and send back to all the regular vessels of the area. The bridges are equipped with a system of map reading (integrated to the navigation software). The regular commercial navigation is then alternately “informative” and “explorative” of the RECEPT system which permit to the on watch crew to know the position of whales that have recently been observed on their navigation route. Once the system that connects the vessels with the internet server will be operating, REPCET will be able to evolve, especially during night time. For example, it will be possible to integrate devices such as a passive acoustic detection or the localisation of areas of potential concentration of whales (prediction models of whales distribution according to oceanographic parameters). In the middle term, the collected data should also be available to the non-regular commercial ships (from the INMARSAT C standard for example), associated with an informative message on the problem of collision and on the necessity to perform an attentive watch. In addition, we can note that within the whale-watching management program actually in progress by Pelagos and ACCOBAMS, operators could contribute to update REPCET in order to improve its efficiency. Finally, REPCET could also be utilized for other applications such as the monitoring of large cetaceans, which must be precisely evaluated. REPCET : réseau de REport des Postions de grands CETacés


  • Physeter macrocephalus
  • Balaenoptera physalus

Study area:

Pelagos Sanctuary

Geographic Area:

  • Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Ligurian Sea

ACCOBAMS subregion:

  • Eastern Mediterranean
Year beginning: 2007Year end: 2008

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Principal investigator:

Pascal MAYOL

Investigator email:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Project team:

Pascal MAYOL

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