PostHeaderIcon International Workshop on Cetacean Bycatch within the ACCOBAMS Area

Rome (FAO HQs), Italy, 17-18 September 2008

The Secretariat of ACCOBAMS, in collaboration with the General Fisheries Commission for Mediterranean (GFCM), convened a workshop on cetacean incidental captures within the Area of the Agreement, according to the decisions of the Third Meeting of the Parties of ACCOBAMS (Resolution 3.12) and as part of the project for the "Assessment and mitigation of the adverse impacts of interactions between cetaceans and fishing activities in the ACCOBAMS Area" (also known as ByCBAMS), supported by the ACCOBAMS Contracting Parties in 2004 (Resolution 2.21).

The by-catch of cetaceans still represents a concern in the ACCOBAMS area, especially but not only because of Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fisheries (ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee Recommendation SC4.2). However, information on the magnitude and potential consequences of this problem are still deficient even for regular fishing practices in many ACCOBAMS countries.  At the Second Meeting of the Parties (Palma de Majorca, Spain 2004) Resolution 2.21 was adopted, which called for the assessment and mitigation of the adverse impacts of interactions between cetaceans and fishing activities in the ACCOBAMS Area. With this Resolution, Parties aimed to: 1) collect historical data about cetacean by-catch in the project area; 2) provide assistance to national authorities at their request to implement independent observer schemes for fishing fleets; 3) collect data about present cetacean by-catch in the project area; 4) test the most appropriate mitigation measures; 5) help Countries undertaking information campaigns for fishermen with special focus on handling procedures in case of incidental catch of cetaceans.

The Workshop aimed at addressing the following issues:

  • National overviews on the current status of cetacean-fisheries conflicts, including bycatch and depredation, and critical review of historical data (10-15' presentation each);
  • Discussion of the draft standard protocols for data collection prepared for the ACCOBAMS area; and
  • Status of the implementation ByCBAMS framework within the ACCOBAMS area. 

The workshop was opened to International Organisations, to the ACCOBAMS Focal Points or official contact Points from Countries not yet Party to the Agreement and to one scientist from each Country. This scientist had to be directly involved in the monitoring and/or the mitigation of the interactions between cetaceans and fishing activities.  In order to achieve the objectives of the workshop he/she had to coordinate the drafting of a report reviewing the current knowledge of cetacean by-catch and other fishery interactions at the national level.

Meeting Documents:
  • Revised Agenda and Timetable:
  • Protocol for data collection on bycatch and depredation:
  • Workshop Final Report:  
National Overviews of Cetacean-Fisheries Conflicts including Bycatch and Depredation with a critical review of historical data:
    Albania Montenegro
             Algeria          Morocco
    Bulgaria Romania
    Croatia Slovenia
    Cyprus Spain
    Egypt Syria
    France Tunisia
    Italy Ukraine

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