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Who can become a Party?

In principle, all Range States, or regional economic integration organizations, can become a Party by ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, the means by which a State establishes its consent to be bound by a treaty in international law (Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, 1969, Art. II 1. (b)).
Since the day of its entry into force, all non-signatory Range States can become Parties to the Agreement through accession (ACCOBAMS Art. XIII (3)). Accession is the act whereby a state undertakes to become a Party to a treaty already negotiated and signed by other States, but which, after a certain date, has been closed for signature. It has the same legal effect as ratification: the deposit of the relevant instruments with the Depositary, in the case of ACCOBAMS the Government of the Principality of Monaco, binds the State concerned at international law.

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