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DRAFT Resolutions
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.1 Granting the right to vote icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.2Rev1 Amendments to the Headquarters Agreement with the Host Country icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.3Rev2 Staff regulations icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.4 Amendments to the Rules of Procedures for the Bureau icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.5 Work programme 2017-2019 icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.6 Financial and administrative matters for the triennium 2017-2019 Restricted access
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.7 Scientific Committee icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.8Rev1 Amendments to the Follow-up Procedure icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.9 Format for National Implementation Reports icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.10 Acceptance of the Amendments on the extension of the ACCOBAMS geographical scope icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.11 Scientific and technical Cooperation between ACCOBAMS Parties and the Red Sea States icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.12 Strategical Alliance concerning management and conservation measures for the Mediterranean environment between GFCM, RAC/SPA, and IUCN-Med in collaboration with MedPAN  icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.13 Implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and relevant Ecosystem Approach Processes (EcAP) icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.14 Cetacean population estimates and distribution in the ACCOBAMS Area icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.15 Population structure studies icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.16 Assessment of IUCN conservation status of cetaceans in the ACCOBAMS Area icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.17 Interactions between fisheries and cetaceans icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.18Rev1 Anthropogenic noise icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.19 Implementation of an ACCOBAMS Certification for Highly Qualified Marine Mammals Observers  icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.20 Ship Strikes on cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.21 Commercial Cetacean Watching activities in the ACCOBAMS area icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.22 Species Conservation and Management Plans icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.23Rev1 Live strandings  icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.24 Capacity building icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.25Rev1 New areas of conservation of cetacean habitats icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.26 List of Resolutions into force  icone_pdf  icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.27 Tribute to Organisers On the spot
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Res6.28 Date, venue and funding of the Seventh session of the Meeting of the Parties On the spot


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