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WORKING Documents
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc01 Provisional Agenda icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc02Rev3 Provisional Annotated Agenda icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc03Rev3 List of documents icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc04Rev1 Provisional Timetable icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc05 Provisional List of Observers icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc06 Explanatory note on Draft Resolution 6.2  “Amendments to the Headquarter Agreement with the Host Country” icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc07 Synthesis of implementation of ACCOBAMS by Parties icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc08 Report of the Depositary and Status of Ratifications icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc09 Report of the Bureau icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc10 Report of the Secretariat icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc11 Report of the Chair of the Scientific Committee and Recommendations icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc12 Report of the Black Sea Sub-Regional Coordination Unit including activities from Non-Parties icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc13 Report of the Mediterranean Sub-Regional Coordination Unit including activities from Non-Parties icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc14 Report of the ACCOBAMS Follow up Committee icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc15 Explanatory note on Draft Resolution 6.3 “Staff Regulations” icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc16 ACCOBAMS Working Groups and relevant Terms of References icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc17Rev1 Report on incomes and expenditures relevant to the Trust Fund and external contributions for 2014-2016 icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc18 Report on incomes and expenditures relevant to the Supplementary Conservation Fund for 2014-2016 icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc19Rev1 Reports of the Fund Management Controller icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc20 Explanatory note on the draft budget 2017-2019 Restricted Access
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc21 List of experts appointed by CIESM and IUCN for the Scientific Committee icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc22 List of the representatives of CMS, ECS, and IWC for the Scientific Committee icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc23Rev1 Panels of the regional experts for the Scientific Committee icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc24Rev1 Panels of experts for the Follow up Committee icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc25 Overview of the implementation of MSFD and EcAP processes (regarding cetaceans) in the ACCOBAMS Area and recommendations icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc26 New request for ACCOBAMS Partnership icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc27 A basin-wide strategy for underwater noise monitoring in the Mediterranean icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc28Rev1 Overview of the noise hot spots in the ACCOBAMS area – Part I, Mediterranean Sea icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc29 Progress report of a Noise demonstrator icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc30 Methodological guide: guidance on underwater noise mitigation measures icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc31 Overview of Whale Watching activities in the ACCOBAMS Area icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc32 Overview of capacity building activities in the ACCOBAMS area icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc33 Revised Guidelines for the Establishment and Management of Marine Protected Areas for Cetaceans icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc34 Progress report on the threat based management approach icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc35 Place-based conservation of cetaceans in the ACCOBAMS Area: a handbook on management effectiveness icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP6/2016/Doc36 Exceptional circumstances for granting the right to vote icone_pdf

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