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After consultation with the Bureau of the Parties, the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat is pleased to inform you about the launch of a new call for proposals for projects to be funded under the ACCOBAMS Supplementary Conservation Fund (SCF).
Priority for this call:
In view to support contributions towards the implementation of the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative, the projects proposed under this call for proposals should address the issues related to cetaceans distribution and abundance. Field studies to provide information on population abundance and on survival estimates using mark-recapture photo-id methodologies will be favored, but other techniques addressing the topic will also be considered. More particularly, but not limited to, special attention should be placed - for Mediterranean projects - on species classified as Data Deficient by IUCN Red List (long-finned pilot whale, Risso’s dolphin and Cuvier’s beaked whale).
List of eligible countries:
Taking into consideration the provisions of the procedure for the ACCOBAMS calls for proposals adopted in Resolution 5.5, the projects submitted from the following countries will be eligible for funding: Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Montenegro, Morocco, Romania, Tunisia and Ukraine.
How to apply and deadline:
Please refer to the Procedure for the ACCOBAMS Call for proposals for information on the documents to be submitted.
The completed applications should be sent by mail and e-mail to:
ACCOBAMS Executive Secretary
Jardin de l’UNESCO, Terrasses de Fontvieille - 98000 MONACO
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The applications should reach the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat before 1st March 2016. Submission of applications by e-mail shall be accepted provided they include scanned copies of the original documents (all of them dated and signed). The original documents should be addressed by mail, and should reach the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat no later than 10th March 2016.

The ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat remains at your disposal should you need any further information.

Documents (English): 
Documents to be completed (include: Doc 1 : Project concept form, Doc 2 : Project presentation form, Doc 5 : Endorsement form) 

Documents (français): 
Documents à compléter (inclus: Doc 1 : Note de concept du projet, Doc 2 : Note de présentation du projet, Doc 5 : Formulaire de soutien) 


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