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The REPCET system (Real-time Plotting of Cetaceans) was created by the NGO Souffleurs d’Ecume in the framework of the activities of the Pelagos Sanctuary. The collaborative system aims at reducing the risks of collisions between ships and large cetaceans, first cause of mortality for whales in the Mediterranean.

As a collaborative system, around 30 ships must be equipped with REPCET in the North-western Mediterranean for the system to be fully efficient. To spread this biodiversity conservation tool, the NGO can count on the support of a few pioneer companies already equipped but also on the support of the general public to equip more ships and thus demonstrate the usefulness of the system to shipping companies.

The KissKissBankBank platform was chosen to appeal to the generosity of the public. Anyone can give, starting from 5€, in exchange for compensations offered by the NGO going from an autographed picture of the team to the participation to a research programme at sea on Mediterranean marine mammals.

Within the 60-day fundraising period, the NGO hopes to collect a minimum of 35,000€, enough to equip 5 new ships and raise awareness among shipping companies. Each extra 7,000€ will allow to equip a new ship (material, annual subscription to the system and awareness raising efforts). A very beautiful animated movie introduces the project.

This campaign is complementary to efforts from different horizons in favour of the conservation of large cetaceans from ship strikes: ship owners, the State and its local authorities as well as NGOs such as WWF and the Fondation Nicolas Hulot which support the REPCET initiative.

Scientific organisation for the conservation of cetaceans and their habitats




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