PostHeaderIcon "High Quality Whale Watching" Label in force in Monaco

Label "High Quality Whale Watching" in force in Monaco

The Executive Secretaries of ACCOBAMS and Pelagos Agreement signed in Monaco on February 9, 2015 with the Monegasque Association for the Protection of Nature, a Convention for the implementation of the "High Quality Whale Watching " Label for operators offering trips for the observation of whales and dolphins.

Observations at sea of marine mammals commonly called "Whale Watching" grows in the Mediterranean. Well managed and contained in an extensive dynamic, it is a great vehicle for environmental education, it contributes to local economy and can participate in cetacean research and conservation. But in the absence of context, it can escalate, increasing pressure on the environment and disturbance of animals to cause a very serious impact on the populations concerned.
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After France in July 2014, the Principality of Monaco implements as well the "High Quality Whale Watching" Label through the Monegasque Association for the Protection of Nature (AMPN) an ACCOBAMS Partner.
When granted with the Label, operators undertake to train, to respect the code of conduct for Whale Watching, not to practice swimming with dolphins, to participate in scientific research and to deliver a message quality passenger encountered on cetaceans and the activities of the two Agreements.

The activity of Whale Watching is an important channel for communication and public awareness; it is not to ban it, but to frame it in a sustainable manner in order to reconcile the socio-economic aspect of this activity with the protection of marine mammals and their habitat.

So watch but respect!
Article published in the "Monaco Matin" on February 24th.
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