PostHeaderIcon Ninth Meeting of the Bureau

Ninth Meeting of the Bureau
Paris, 9-10 December 2014

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Working documents
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc01 Provisional Agenda icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc02Rev1 Provisional annotated agenda icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc03Rev1 List of documents icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc04 Provisional Timetable icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc05 Report of the Secretariat icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc06 Progress report on the activities of the Scientific Committee icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc07 Report on incomes and expenditures relevant to the Trust Fund and external contributions for 2013 icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc08 Report on incomes and expenditures relevant to the Trust Fund and external contributions for 2014 icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc09 Provisional list of activities for 2015 icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc10 ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative project development and fundraising icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc11 Note about the dissemination of scientific protocols, methodologies and guidelines developed under ACCOBAMS icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc12 Progress report on the implementation of the MSFD and other similar initiatives in the ACCOBAMS Area icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc13 Overview of the noise Hotspots: note of intent
icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc14 Requests to the Secretariat on Marine Mammals Observers icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc15 Terms of Reference of the workshop on the effectiveness of protected areas contining critical habitats for cetaceans icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc16 Development of the ACCOBAMS Interactive Database icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc17 MEDACES continuity icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc18 Overview of available funding possibilities in the region icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc19 Note on the elaboration of the ACCOBAMS Staff regulations icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Doc20 New Requests for ACCOBAMS Partnership icone_pdf N/A
Information documents
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Inf01 List of participants On the spot N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Inf02 Projects funded under the ACCOBAMS Supplementary Conservation Funds
icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Inf03 Progress report on the implementation of the HQWW certificate in the ACCOBAMS Area icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Inf04 CMS Champion Programme icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Inf05 A trust fund for Mediterranean MPAs icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Inf06 Whalesafe and REPCET Projects icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-BU9/2014/Inf07 Draft Report of the Workshop on cetacean live stranding icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-SC9/2014/Doc26 Report of the Ninth Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-WCC/2014/Doc02 Report of the ACCOBAMS expert workshop on the impact of climate change on cetaceans of the Mediterranean and Black Seas icone_pdf N/A
ACCOBAMS-CSMC3/2014/Report Report of the Third Biennial Conference on Cetacean conservation in South Mediterranean Countries icone_pdf N/A
ACAP_MoP4/Final Report / Annex 3 ACAP staff regulations amended by MOP4 (23-27 April 2012) icone_pdf icone_pdf
Reference documents
Text of the ACCOBAMS Agreement icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP4/2010/Res4.20 Strengthening the status of ACCOBAMS Partners icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP5/2013/Res5.7 Rules of Procedure for the Bureau of the Parties to ACCOBAMS icone_pdf icone_pdf
ACCOBAMS-MOP5/2013/Doc31 Report of the Fifth Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS icone_pdf icone_pdf
* N/A: Not Available

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