PostHeaderIcon High Quality Whale Watching certification registered by ACCOBAMS

Pursuant to the Resolution 5.10 regarding whale watching for commercial purposes in the ACCOBAMS area, the Permanent Secretariat of ACCOBAMS is pleased to announce the official registration at the WIPO, dated 4 September 2014, of the «High Quality Whale Watching " certificate as a collective mark with its logo and the regulations governing its use.

label ww
« Marque collective regroupant les opérateurs d’observation de cétacés
respectueux du code de bonne conduite »

In addition, a first Convention "Partner High Quality Whale Watching ", aimed at implementing the label at national or regional levels was signed in July by the Secretariats of ACCOBAMS and Pelagos Sanctuary, with the French NGO “Souffleurs d’Ecume”. This Convention launches the first implementation of the ACCOBAMS « High Quality Whale Watching » certificate. It will be managed by “Souffleurs d’Ecume” along the French Mediterranean coasts.
The ACCOBAMS Secretariat welcomes the French initiative and reminds that Parties to ACCOBAMS are encouraged to adopt national rules in order to implement at national level the certificate in the relevant bodies, private or public.
Thanks to this certificate, a sustainable Whale Watching, reconciling socio-economics issues with conservation of cetaceans, can develop throughout the ACCOBAMS area and more particularly in the Pelagos Sanctuary.


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