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Training, raising public awareness, and the development and structuring of scientific research, are key to achieve the conservation objectives established by the ACCOBAMS Agreement, which notably provides that the Parties implement activities relating to capacity building, the collection and dissemination of information, and training and education.

Receiving financial support from the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat developed a teaching module on the conservation of cetaceans for Mater's level students. As a first stage of implementation, this module was taught in French-speaking Universities.

By developping this module and putting it at the disposal of the universities who wish to incorporate it into their teaching curriculum, the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat aims to promote the teaching of cetology and develop national expertise in the study and conservation of cetaceans.

This teaching module includes a total of 30hours of teaching and addresses several aspects of cetacean biology, ecology and conservation. Following a multidisciplinary approach, this module is organised around 4 major themes:
  • Species of cetaceans,
  • Threats to cetaceans and Conservation Measures,
  • Study Techniques,
  • Legal and Legislative framework for the conservation of cetaceans.


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Species    Identification of the relevant species for the ACCOBAMS area icone_pdf icone_pdf
Anatomy and physiology of cetaceans icone_pdf icone_pdf
Skeletochronology icone_pdf icone_pdf
Pathology of cetaceans icone_pdf icone_pdf
Threats Threats to cetacenas and conservation measures icone_pdf icone_pdf
Study Techniques    Observation at sea and population studies icone_pdf icone_pdf
Study of the behaviour of cetaceans at sea icone_pdf icone_pdf
icone_pdf icone_pdf
Passive acoustics icone_pdf icone_pdf
Legal framework
the legal framework for the conservation of cetaceans icone_pdf icone_pdf


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