PostHeaderIcon ACCOBAMS Expert Workshop on the impact of Climate Change on Cetaceans of the Mediterranean and Black Seas

The ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat organises the ACCOBAMS Expert Workshop on the impact of Climate Change on Cetaceans of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, which will be held in Monaco, on the 11th June 2014 in the Conference room of the Oceanographic Museum.

The Parties to ACCOBAMS have expressed their interest in assessing the impact of climate change on Cetaceans, through their adoption of Resolution 4.14 in 2010, stating that necessary actions to reduce anthropogenic contributions to climate change and marine acidification have to be taken. In addition, the Convention on Migratory Species held a workshop on climate change in Costa Rica from 9th to 11th April 2014. Many other bodies are also considering the likely impacts of climate change and we note that this includes the Bern Convention in which will hold an expert workshop on 19th June 2014 in Strasbourg. ACCOBAMS will be seeking to build synergies with the Bern Convention and other international organizations on this topic. 

 Recent scientific reviews have indicated that the connections between predicted changes in marine environments (figure 1) and their consequences for cetaceans are only poorly known. Climate change may affect marine mammals directly through, for example, a direct impact of temperature on the animals or changes in their prey, or indirectly through changes in human behavior. We intend that the ACCOBAMS workshop will facilitate further understanding of these matters and identify ways forward to improve understanding and ultimately conservation.



Figure1. Possible impacts of climate change on cetaceans and linkages (Simmonds et al., 2012).

Primary Objective:

The workshop aims to:

i. Establish the current state of knowledge relating to climate change and its impacts on the marine environments of the Black and Mediterranean Seas;

ii. Determine the consequences of climate change for cetaceans in the Black and Mediterranean Seas; and

iii. Identify gaps in knowledge and possible topics for further research;

iv. Enhance exchange information among other international organizations concerning the effects of climate change.

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Final Report:

ACCOBAMS-WCC/2014/Doc02: Final Report of the ACCOBAMS workshop on climate change

Workshop documents:

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