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The Cetacean Specialist Group promotes and facilitates the conservation of cetaceans worldwide.
It functions as a catalyst, clearing house, and facilitator for cetacean-related research and conservation action. Their guiding premise is that conservation ultimately depends upon good science, and the group’s credibility and value are based on maintaining high standards of scientific rigor.
They provide advice mainly on the status of populations, abundance, trends, the effects of current or potential threats, and the efficacy of mitigation.
The current Chairman of the CSG is Randall R. Reeves, and the Deputy Chairman is Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara. 
Bill Perrin is the focal point of the Red List Authority, and there are three regional coordinators: Asia -  Brian Smith, Latin America – Enrique Crespo, Africa – Tim Collins, and Oceania – Nick Gales. 
Please take a look at their website: www.iucn-csg.org

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