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During their Fourth Meeting (Monaco 2010), the ACCOBAMS contracting Parties adopted Resolution 4.8 on the “contribution from ACCOBAMS to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive which considers marine litter as a descriptor of good environmental status of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive particularly relevant to cetacean conservation. ACCOBAMS Contracting Parties took also note of the ongoing work within the Common Implementation Strategy of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, which includes a working group on Good Environmental Status and technical subgroups on marine litter and noise, which are relevant to cetacean conservation.
In addition, during the last Conference of the Parties to the Barcelona Convention (Paris, 8-10 February 2012), ACCOBAMS took note of the Decision IG.20/10 regarding the “Adoption of the Strategic Framework for Marine Litter management”.

This article contains relevant documents from other organizations regarding marine debris and cetaceans and a concrete project concerning the potential impact of the microplastic on the Fin Whale.

Mark Peter Simmonds - Journal of Marine Biology (March 2012)

Ecological Effects of Ghost Net Retrieval in the Baltic Sea Pilot project: collecting ghost nets (February 2012)

Cetaceans and Marine Debris (February 2012)

17th Meeting of the Contracting Parties to Barcelona Convention: UNEP(DEPI)/MED IG 20/8 
Decision IG.20/10 Adoption of the Strategic Framework for Marine Litter management (January 2012)

5th International Marine Debris Conference - The Honolulu Commitment (March 2011)

Institute for European Environmental Policy - Ghost fishing by lost fishing gear (August 2005)

 Fantared - A study to identify, quantify and ameliorate the impacts of static gear lost at sea in European waters

Fossi, M.C., et al - Marine Pollution Bulletin. (2012),
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