PostHeaderIcon EC LIFE+ MIGRATE Project

In the context of the EC LIFE+ MIGRATE project, Ricardo Sagarminaga (Alnitak) and his team are looking for explorers and students to be part of their research teams this summer.
Please check out www.kaiexpeditions.com to sign up as crew member, or send this information around to students and/or explorers who you think could be interested in being part of these surveys that will help develop conservation guidelines and design protected areas for dolphins and turtles in the framework of the European Union Habitat Directive.  
The participation share and active participation of up to 80 students and explorers is what they need to make the Survey successful both in terms of data collection as in terms of creating a link between NATURA 2000 and the public!
And for those who cannot join them this summer, you can follow their expeditions on http://luisginillo.wordpress.com/
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