PostHeaderIcon 2012 Call for Proposals

The Secretariat launched the Second ACCOBAMS Call for proposals of project on 6 August 2012 after consultation with the Bureau of the Parties.

This call for proposals was focused on capacity building activities taking into account the views expressed by the country representatives during the Regional Workshops held on June 2012 and considering that the projects supported within the First Call for proposals were focused on photo-identification. 

Nine project proposals were received before the deadline (15 October 2012) and seven among them were eligible in respect of the criteria set in the call for proposals form.
On the basis of the evaluation of the eligible proposals made by the Scientific Committee, the Bureau of the Parties decided about the five project proposals that could be financially supported by the Supplementary Conservation Grants Fund of ACCOBAMS (SCF).

Building capacities of Bulgarian Black Sea municipalities on Cetaceans strandings

Country: Bulgaria
Beneficiary: Green Balkans NGO

This project’s main goal is to build capacities of the Bulgarian Black Sea municipalities for reaction in case of Cetacean strandings on their shores.
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Echantillonnage des cétacés au niveau du détroit siculo-tunisien en utilisant les ferries comme plate-forme d'observation
Country: Tunisia
Beneficiary: Association Tunisienne de Taxonomie (ATUTAX)
This project aims to increase knowledge about cetaceans within the region comprise among Tunisia-Sicily-Sardinia using ferries as platform of observations.
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Renforcement du réseau d’échouage des cétacés en Tunisie
Country: Tunisia
Beneficiary: Institut National des Sciences et Technologie de la Mer (INSTM)

This project aims to formalize the national cetacean stranding network, to strengthen collaboration between the different stakeholders and to raise awareness of local authorities and civil society about the importance of investigating cetacean strandings for collecting data. The establishment of a national cetacean tissue archive will be also considered through the project.
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Réalisation d’études approfondies visant à identifier avec précision les communautés de Grands dauphins endémiques à certains secteurs insulaires du littoral occidental algérien (Ile Rachgoun-Iles Habibas-Ile Plane), par observation directe et utilisation de la technique de photo-identification, dans le but de leur conservation
Country: Algeria
Beneficiary: Laboratoire « Réseau de Surveillance Environnementale » de l’Université d’Oran

This project aims to train young Algerian researchers in cetacean study techniques at sea (visual technics and photo-identification technic) and to study bottlenose dolphins’ populations around Algerian islands.
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Renforcement du réseau de suivi des échouages des cétacés des côtes marocaines et formalisation des procédures de gestion des échouages, particulièrement ceux des grandes espèces
Country: Morocco
Beneficiary: Institut National de Recherche Halieutique (INRH)

This project aims to strengthen the national cetacean stranding network, including scientific and administrative issues, public information and management and data reporting to MEDACES, as well as to develop specific procedures to be followed in case of whale stranding.
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