PostHeaderIcon Joint IWC/ACCOBAMS workshop on ship strikes

Joint IWC/ACCOBAMS workshop on ship strikes

(21-24 September 2010, Beaulieu, France)


The terms of reference for the workshop are to: 

  1. exchange, evaluate and analyse data on temporal and geographical distribution of cetaceans, shipping and reported collision incidents, with a view to: identifying priorities for mitigation in terms of species, populations and areas; and identifying ways to improve data collection and assignment of cause of death;
  2. examine and evaluate existing mitigation approaches/regulations, identify and assess the likely efficacy of potential new ones and make recommendations for further work, including identifying mitigation measures for priority populations/areas as appropriate and methods to examine efficacy;
  3. develop scientific and conservation recommendations and a two-year work plan for consideration by the IWC, ACCOBAMS, IMO and others.

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