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The importance of assessing “stock identity and structure” through a dedicated working group was highlighted in Recommendations adopted by the Third Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Parties and reconfirmed when the Fifth Meeting of the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee agreed to create a Population Structure Working Group (PSGW) and requested a proposal for its future activity.The importance of information on population structure had been recognized in the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative as well and the initial efforts of the PSWG will focus on genetic analyses.
In November 2010, the ACCOBAMS Parties adopted a new Resolution on "Population structure studies". For the upcoming triennum (2011-2013), the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee will aim at:
  • providing a comprehensive and detailed summary of information available for each species in the ACCOBAMS area in terms of material relevant for genetic analyses;
  • developing a communications network involving the Tissues Banks and the National stranding networks of the ACCOBAMS Area, to facilitate the collection of new samples and to create a public database that is accessible on the ACCOBAMS website;
  • collaborating with ASCOBANS and the IWC in order to coordinate efforts and to avoid duplication
The7th Meeting of the Scientific Committee suggested that, a joint workshop ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS on the population structure be organised at the occasion of the next Meeting of the ECS (2012).
A Working Group was created and is composed by :  Stefania Gaspari, Ada Natoli, ASCOBANS & Pelagos Sanctuary.

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Recommendation 6.2 

Resolution 4.11

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