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Comprehensive cetacean population estimates and distribution in the ACCOBAMS Area:
"The ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative"
The sea presents a challenge for its exploration and study, it also presents serious problems for its management. The surveillance of huge marine areas is a logistical and economical challenge that is difficult to face.
Conservation is not just about signing agreements; it is about acting to achieve a balance with nature. This can only be done in partnership. Governments, scientists, managers, industry and the public must work together to:
  • Provide a solid scientific understanding of the issues
  • Establish priorities for science and management actions
  • Where needed, develop fair and effective mitigation measures to threats
  • Monitor to make sure that identified mitigation measures are working.
The primary species being investigated are the whales, dolphins and porpoises (together "cetaceans") that are the main focus of the ACCOBAMS Agreement. In addition, the Survey will examine turtles and seabirds - other top predators of the ecosystem.
Toward effective conservation:
Effective conservation requires an understanding of the distribution, abundance and status of our target species. Without this information it is difficult, if not impossible to evaluate actual or possible threats to them.
With this understanding then we can begin to prioritise where we need to act and to develop appropriate management actions in conjunction with the key stakeholders remember that we can’t manage cetaceans we can only manage the human activities that may affect them.
Finally, we need to monitor the effectiveness of our actions to evaluate our attempts to manage the threats and be prepared to modify them if necessary.
During the 7th Meeting of the Scientific Committee, a revised version of the “ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative” Project was presented and it was decided, in the light of the recent successful aerial surveys in part of the region, to include a greater aerial survey component. The French Agency for Marine Protected Areas offered to appoint, in collaboration with IUCN, a project manager to notably help in identifying sources of funding for the survey project In this context an agreement were signed with the French Agency for Marine Protected Areas, ACCOBAMS, IUCN and RAC/SPA (May 2011). 

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