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inventorying lebanonThe National Council for Scientific Research (Lebanon Marine Research Center) conducts a study on the presence of cetaceans in Lebanon, their identification, their abundance and the areas of their distribution. The area study will be spread out over the entire Lebanese coast (220 km) and over a width of 12 nautical miles.

The areas of distribution and abundance of cetacean populations present in the Mediterranean region are for the majority unknown, this is the case also for the Lebanese water; because in spite of the accession of Lebanon to the agreement ACCOBAMS, at the end of 2004, no activity concerning the cetaceans was undertaken since.

The exhaustive evaluation of cetaceans’ abundance and distribution in ACCOBAMS area is started within the framework of the activities of the scientific committee of the agreement. It would be judicious that Lebanon could be invested in such an effort to allow it i) to honor its engagements and to be aligned on many countries which preceded it in these activities, ii) to increase the institutional competences of the countries and the individual scientific competences, iii) to bring information to the “Survey project” in the ACCOBAMS area.

This project aims to know the existence of cetaceans’ habitats in addition to their areas of distribution in the Lebanese water and the implementation of suitable measurements of conservation; such knowledge can be obtained only through the "ad hoc" study. In addition the data which will be gathered will constitute an inevitable support for the creation of an observation network for the strandings. Foto Copyright © EcoOcéan


Final Report in French only: icone_pdf

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