PostHeaderIcon 2008-2010 Activities


Awareness material such as leaflets, banner and posters was also renewed and updated. An addition to the ACCOBAMS information leaflet was created. This addition contains 2 laminated sheets with all cetacean species occurring in the Mediterranean and Black Seas as well as the code of conduct for whale watching.

The association “Whales What Else?” was created in Monaco. Its goal is to support ACCOBAMS activities through public awareness and fundraising aimed at supporting ACCOBAMS projects.

The Secretariat was contacted by the WDCS to be involved in the 2008/2009 Volvo Ocean Race. The Volvo Ocean Race is a truly exciting global challenge that will capture the interest and passion of millions of people around the world. Through our partnership, WDCS and Team Russia will highlight another global challenge – the race to protect the world’s whales and dolphins. The route of the race will enable us to draw attention to some of the world’s most incredible animals, including the largest animal on earth – the blue whale – as well as its endangered whales and dolphins. The Secretariat provided support for the creation of 5 posters that will be a highlight of the WDCS exhibition area in Alicante, Spain (starting point of the race).

The Secretariat provided the Association “Destination Planète Mer” with 50 ACCOBAMS leaflets and 100 guides (containing cetacean species present in the Mediterranean and the code of conduct for whale watching). This association takes onboard groups of children during the summer to cruise the Mediterranean. During the trips, the children learn about the sea, the biodiversity, but most importantly learn how to respect the environment all together. Among its Partners, “Destination Planète Mer” counts WWF France and Ifremer. (http://destinationplanetemer.com)

With the objective to raise public awareness especially among young generations, the Secretariat provided several ACCOBAMS Games to the Nicolas Barré School in Monaco. The game was done by two classes of children between 8 and 10 years old. Its purpose was to gather the children acquired knowledge over the school year regarding environmental issues which included the protection and conservation of cetaceans. Further collaboration is planned for the coming school year.

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