PostHeaderIcon 2008 Workshop on Surveying the ACCOBAMS Area

In the framework of the implementation of the decisions adopted by the Parties concerning the project on a comprehensive survey targeting all cetacean species throughout the Agreement area (Recommendation 2.9 of the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee and Resolutions 2.19, 3.4 and 3.15 of the Meeting of the Parties), a workshop was organized to review the proposed project content and to develop a strategy for fundraising and for obtaining the support of national authorities. 

The workshop was organized thanks to the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Environment and Land Protection and Sea, and took place from the 15th to 17th May 2008 at the Centre de Congrès Auditorium Rainier III, Monaco

It aimed:

  • to present the project proposal prepared by the drafting group (structure and actions of the project);
  • to present and review the methodology and survey design prepared;
  • to collect information from the country representatives on further details about the needed steps and authorizations for carrying out the field work of the survey in the waters under the jurisdiction of their countries;
  • to give further consideration to the project organizational arrangements (including potential partners and responsibilities within the project); and
  • to evaluate the prospects of obtaining financial support.

In June 2006, the Secretariat already contacted the Countries in order to collect relevant information, according to Resolution 2.11. As a few data was received by the Secretariat, each participant was invited to present the following information:

  • how to get flying and sailing permits in territorial waters (and water under jurisdiction) for scientific purposes, both for national and foreigner platforms;
  • how to get research permits, including permits for collection and transfer of samples;
  • insurance limitations for persons and platforms (ships and planes);
  • list of available platforms (ships and planes) for observation according to the specifications provided in Annex I, and their costs or a list of Institutions that can be contacted to get these information;
  • list of local NGOs, research institutions or groups and scientists potentially interested in participation (for example as observers on board or providing logistical support);
  • list of ship owners, association, ferries, charter, navies, patrol boats, research institutions with observation platforms (ships or planes), etc, that can be contacted for placing observers to obtain opportunistic sightings (Recommendation 1 of the ACCOBAMS Fin Whale Workshop);
  • list of potential sources of funding (administration, banks, companies, etc...)



logopdf 2008 Draft Proposal

logopdf Executive Summary

logopdf Chair's Final Report

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