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The Sixth Meeting of the Scientific Committee (SC6) of ACCOBAMS was convened in Casablanca from the 11th to the 13th January 2010. It was attended by members of the Scientific Committee, representatives from the Sub-Regional Coordination Units, representatives from International Organisations and observers including partners of ACCOBAMS.


It was recalled that during their last ordinary Meeting, the Contracting Parties decided to establish an Extended Bureau and an independent expert was appointed in order to evaluate the functioning of the SC. In this context, Andreas Demetropoulos, selected by the Chair, was introduced.


Nine recommendations and a Declaration expressing the Committee's concern about the slow and/or limited level of implementation of the Agreement to effectively address the conservation problems affecting cetaceans in the Agreement area were adopted by the SC during the meeting and are related bellow.


The meeting worked on the following working programme and formed working groups in order to draft the scientific part of the work programme to be proposed for the Parties for the next three years.


The Secretariat informed the Meeting that the next meeting of the Scientific Committee is planned for early 2011.


icone_pdfSC6 Final Report



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