PostHeaderIcon 32nd Meeting of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean


Rome, 25-29 February 2008:

During its 32nd Meeting, the Commission has examined the 2007 intersession activities and the Report of the Advisory Scientific Comity. Through the presentation of these two elements, the Executive Secretary and the President of the Advisory Scientific Comity have underlined the actions undertaken in collaboration with ACCOBAMS, particularly the activities related to the Bycatch.




The second part of the Meeting was dedicated to the Secretariat administrative issues, the budget and the 2008 activities. In this last matter, the joint organisation ACCOBAMS- GFCM of the BYCBAMS Workshop was adopted by the Commission.

Following the introduction of the Committee of Compliance, during the 31st Meeting of the GFCM, the meetings of the Commission take place together with the Meeting of the Committee of Compliance. This latter examines the application of the decisions and resolutions of the Commission.

It is important to say that the Commission has adopted the principle of establishing Memorandums of agreement between the GFCM Secretariat and the relevant Secretariats of International Organisations. Consequently, it is possible to suggest a Memorandum of Agreement between the ACCOBAMS and the GFCM Secretariats during the 33rd Meeting of the Commission.

The 32nd Meeting of the GFCM took place at the main office of the FAO in Rome, Italy and the majority of Parties were represented.

ACCOBAMS Secretariat participated to the Meeting and has informed the Commission about its main activities, as well as its recent Amendment to the Agreement regarding driftnets. In addition, the Secretariat started to contact the delegations of several countries in order to examine the practical modalities of the application of the Agreement in their countries. The Secretariat has as well examined, with the Coordinator of the stock assessment, the prey depletion issue and its possible repercussion on cetaceans.



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